These are taken from the Eternion WoW Forums and are updated every week - if there have been no changes to the staffing team then there will be no change to this page.

Sunset HighRatesEdit

Head GM: Katsumoto | Raizo

Senior GM: Draax | Xentralulz

GM: Suvada | Darkness

GM: Shadowstepps

TGM: Vidush

TGM: ExQuoZe

New EverQuestEdit

Head GM: Zafire | Xanthos

GM: LightGodPali

GM: DutchsMynnX | Isis

Trial GM: Xemnas | Airow

Trial: Xeroze | Xerioze

New HighRatesEdit

Head GM: Mutiny

Senior GM: VampKitten

Senior GM: Errtu

GM: Bubbablack

GM: Slyth

GM: PocNoc


TGM: Kubayashie

Apocalypse FunEdit

Eternion 80Edit

Existance PrevailsEdit

Artifact FunEdit

HGM: Vesuvian

SGM: Rhuarc

SGM: Piezy

GM: Durandle

GM: Aphrodity

TGM: Specc

TGM: EnderOfPain

(TGM: Tyme) <- Powers removed, in discussion with admins

PVP EliteEdit

It's late, I'll fill in all the blank spaces tomorrow.